What I'm working on now

Updated on 2019/12/22

This website

I'm rebuilding my long-suffering website, which has spent many years living on various content management platforms (Squarespace, Format, and most recently Cargo). I'm now building it myself, in the spirit of the IndieWeb movement.

Many different things combined to bring about this rebuild:

My initial hope was to finish a rebuild before the end of 2019, but now I see that this will be a much longer iterative process, with possibly no end in sight.

A Possible Space

The creative studio that Tingyi and I are running is steadily growing and transforming. While it started as a commercial photography venture, it's changing into more of a vehicle for all of our activities, from photography to art psychotherapy workshops to book publishing to software development projects. If you would like to work with us, please shoot us an email!

We Build Your MVP

I've teamed up with the wonderful designer Mathieu Mayer to run We Build Your MVP, a small product team-for-hire sort of thing. If you or your company has an idea that needs some firepower to get off the ground, please talk to us!

Rethinking my workflows

I'm in the middle of rethinking and reworking the processes involved in doing my work. I'm approaching this rethink with attention paid to sustainability, future-proofing, and ownership of data and systems, so it is focusing a lot on free and open source software and systems. This is a long-term project, and something I'm very interested in.