Weeknotes for Week 14, 2020

, London
Weeknotes for Week 14, 2020

Last year, there was a period of time where I wrote Weeknotes every week, to summarise the projects I was working on, books I was reading, etc. I was writing on Medium, and once I had started my ongoing push for removing myself from platforms that own my content, I stopped and deleted my account there.

The weekly writing was a useful practice, though, so here is me trying again, on my own platform this time (and again inspired by Tomomi’s own effort).

We’re still in the middle of the Covid-19 lockdown here in London, so there’s not much going outside happening. We have a good routine going where we’re waking up early each morning, and getting started with the day.

I’m spending my time between client work, getting my new work environment up and running (I recently switched to Linux full time – there will be a blog post about this), and taking care of the necessities of life.

I turned 38 at the beginning of the week, and we had a small family celebration over Facetime. It was rather heart-warming to be able to see family, even though we are all in different countries. We’ve repeated the experience since with friends (having dinners and apéros over Facetime), and it’s surprisingly nice, and feels really good for mental health in these strange times.

Since we’ve been spending so much time at home cooking, we’ve also signed up for Masterclass, specifically for the Gordon Ramsay teaches Cooking series. We started watching recently, and I think I have a new nerdy hobby (cooking!).

(I’m very jealous of his kitchen)

I’ve also been talking to some very smart people about tech stuff and learning a lot recently as well, about the tools that I choose to work with, which will also result in a blog post down the line.

The client project I’ve been working on since last year is entering the shipping phase, which is exciting – things have been put in production, and real people are interacting with it! The development pace is accelerating, and the energy that comes with putting something out there for the world is quite exhilirating. I’m enjoying this.

Until next week!