Dear Marine,

Here are a few pictures from the “Returnees” project that I’ve worked on in Beijing this summer. The project isn’t public yet, so I’ve made this page especially for you to be able to refer to the project if need be. Please note that the project also includes many hours of interviews, which are still in the process of being transcribed and thus are not included here yet.

Returnees 海归

I spent the summer of 2018 in Beijing, China, interviewing and photographing Chinese citizens who had spent a few years abroad before returning to live in China. The people I spoke with — mostly young adults — came back to a country that’s experiencing transformative growth that mirrors the one in their own lives. They often grew up in smaller provincial cities, but their experience abroad has catapulted them into an elite, as major Chinese and international companies vie with each other to employ them, giving them opportunities that are out of reach for the vast majority. Although they are by all accounts successful, these Returnees are still finding their way forward, trying to reconcile their new careers, their experiences abroad, and the social and family expectations that come with the reality of coming back home. It is these frictions — and how they are dealt with — that this project seeks to explore.

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